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Golfer Sean Ryan in with me at the moment to sort out some of his movement patterns and to help keep him injury free for the upcoming season. Focusing on knee dominant stuff in this vid – getting correct pelvic alignment and tilt, glute and core activation and cleaning up his squat pattern.

We’ll push on from this point focusing on lower limb single leg strength and stability combined with upper body rotation, speed and power development.

I want golfers to have a strong and stable lower body and a quick, powerful upper body.

Keep it simple and keep it relevant. We’ll stay on top of Sean’s red flags along the way too

Moss Landman MISCP

Ankle Rehab for Golfers

Ankle ligament injury

Ankle ligament injuries (both lateral and medial) are some of the more common types of injuries at SPI. With the growing popularity of social sports such as 5-a-side soccer and tag rugby, we are now seeing more and more men and women ‘going over’ on their ankles which can cause significant joint damage.

The most frustrating thing about these types of injuries is that, once you do it once, you are far more likely to do it again. We’ve all seen the guy who needs to tape up his ankles to within an inch of their lives before any game or training session, for fear of re-injury. Not good.

This is why it is so important that when it happens, you get the injury assessed properly and get a structured rehabilitation or preventative programme in place in order to nip the issue in the bud there and then so that the injury does not recur.

Check out some of the exercises I like to use with some of my patients below.

Riain ‘glass ankles’ Casey



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