How To Fix Your Push Up

The push up is one of the most basic exercises that you can do, but time and time again it is technically performed poorly.

We see issues from poor technique contribute to low back pain, knee issues, along with a number of other issues. So technique is vital to keep the body healthy.

So how do I, and the rest of the team in Sports Physio Ireland, see a push up? Simple really, think about a dynamic plank.

Quiet simply, the core should be engaged throughout the total body movement, and 9/10 in most injured or poorly trained clients this is the last thing that is thought about!

So How To Do The Perfect Push Up

• Hands directly under the shoulder, screw them into the ground.
• Squeeze the ass, tuck the tail bone under until you feel the lengthening of the abdominals
• Drive the heels to the back wall
• Slowly and controlled bring the chest to the ground, keeping the elbows close to the rib cage and drive up through the heels of the hand.

Harder than you think, but more bang for your buck!

Hurling Power Training

Here we have a typical hurling power session we use on the week of championship games.

Paul is one of our oldest clients and he came to us to initially rehab a troublesome and longstanding back injury.

Paul felt the massive benefits were beyond just getting rid of back pain so he kept his training up with Mr. Joey Boland.

Check out some of the interesting stuff we get to do with him here.

Paul runs his own functional training gym called CP Fitness


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