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Everything From Strength Training, HIIT, to Mobility and More...

S&C Level 1 & 2

The strength and conditioning workouts range from beginner to advanced athlete.

Running Mechanics

The main focus of this session is to improve running mechanics, increase force production and ultimately learning how to run faster.

Self Assessment

This is a key tool that will guide you on your strengths and weaknesses. This will uncover the deficits that are holding you back.

Nutrition & Recovery

Understand the fundamentals of healthy dieting and implement our 100 point recovery plan for optimum results.

Mobility Level 1 & 2

Focus on specific mobility drills and core exercises performed with correct technique.

Injury Rehab

Learn a combination of specific routines that will help you understand how to train correctly and avoid future injuries.

What Members Are Saying

12 Week Training Programme

Getting Started

Introduction to the Athletic Development Programme

8 tips to get visible results from the programme

How to use the Athletic Development app

Self Assessment

Self Assessment Explained

Mobility Assessment Scorecard

Mobility Assessment

Movement Literacy Scorecard

Movement Literacy

Power Tests

Core Mobility

Core Mobility Introduction

Core Mobility Session 1

Core Mobility Session 2

Strength & Conditioning


Strength & Conditioning - Session 1 - Progression Tips

Strength & Conditioning - Session 1

Strength & Conditioning - Session 2 - Progression Tips

Strength & Conditioning - Session 2

7 Exercises for a Bulletproof Core

Plyometrics and Running Mechanics



Running Drills

Nutrition & Recovery




Nutrition & Recovery

Hurt Locker - Introduction

Hip & Groin


Meet Your Trainers

All our staff are chartered physiotherapists as well as being experts in exercise and fitness.

Combining over 50 years of experience we have worked with top level athletes from Dublin GAA, Leinster Rugby as well as many national and international track and field athletes in our Fitzwilliam Square clinic.

We have combined our wealth of experience and pulled together the best information from both professional and amateur sports.

Our Philosophy

The most important role of a modern strength and conditioning coach is to ensure all players are injury free and able to take to the field. This has to be the primary role, and improving players physical performance is the secondary goal.

You hear throughout the country every week “We will have a great chance if only we can get everybody injury free and fit”. The gym for years particularly in GAA circles has been blamed for over training players, making players too bulky and slow and making them more susceptible to injuries.

This could not be further from the truth. A well structured S & C program, combining gym sessions, running mechanics, nutrition, load management and recovery strategies, is the number 1 way to:

  • Reduce the number of injured players on the sideline. 
  • Increase players efficiency due to improved running mechanics. 
  • Prevent training overload and burn out. 
  • Increased robustness and improved functionality on the field.
  • Increased sprinting speed.

Simple Pricing

Clear and transparent pricing so you know exactly what to expect

Athletic Development Platform

What you get access to:

  • Full access to this educational platform where we teach you everything we know.
  • Specific Physio led training routines, to ensure you don’t get injured while training at home. 
  • Access weekly to 2 x Physio led strength & conditioning sessions, 2 x plyometric running sessions, 1 x fartlek running session and 2 core mobility sessions.
  • Access to Sports Physio Ireland's personalised TrainHeroic App. 
  • VIP support - Ask us any specific questions that you have
  • Full access to our Hurt locker section, where we include specific routines to help overcome injuries ie. Hip/Groin, hamstring issues etc.

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Your Questions Answered

If I have any questions about the program, who do I contact?

You can WhatsApp us with any minor concerns and questions.

If you want a more detailed run through you can book a zoom call with James to show you exactly how everything works.

Do I have to do all the sessions on the program?

The planned training sessions are just a guide, we do not expect you to complete all the sessions.

You can also move sessions from different days on the app if you wish to do so.

Do I have to follow the Train Heroic App.

No, the app is just an add-on to help you track your progress.

A Lot of our clients like to follow along to the videos on this page.

Will you still be doing live facebook workouts?

We will still do 1 live workout each day. We will pick the daily workout from one of these planned sessions and tick off the exercises on the app as we go.

Do I have to commit to a contract?

There is no fixed term contract, you can cancel your membership at any time.

If you do so you will lose access to this learning platform and the Train Heroic App.

What happens if I am injured?

You can book an online physio consultation with one of our chartered physiotherapists.

They can guide you through any changes you may need to make to the program, and guide you through any additional exercises you may need to do.

Do I need weights to complete the home workouts?

Weights are not necessary to complete any of the exercises.

If you do have access to 1 dumbbell or kettlebell or something similar you can add this into the sessions to make them more difficult.

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