Nothing good can be gained without effort – and this is true for every aspect of our lives. Fitness training is no different because it takes determination, hard work and getting out of your comfort zone in order to achieve a healthier and toned body. One of the key ingredients to success in any fitness programme is maintaining your positive attitude towards the entire process.

Yes, there will be days when it seems pointless because you cannot see the results. Yes, there will be days when it is too cold, rainy or too inconvenient to drive to the gym and keep up with your training. And there will be days when a tempting meal or movie evening with friends will make you consider skipping on your training. A person with low morale and determination will give up. But a person with a positive mindset will not.

So, how do you maintain this continuous happy-go-lucky attitude to fitness, even after an episode of muscle cramps or other drawbacks? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Find Your Mantra

No, no, we are not getting into an esoteric world. But it has been proven time and time again that words have power, words which you say to yourself with determination and belief. Every athlete has this little mantra, a motto, a statement of self-encouragement or of their strength and determination. Remember Nike’s slogan, “Just do it”? It is so popular because it feels like a mantra.
You can look at yourself in the mirror, just when you are debating to skip for today and say loud and clear: “I can do this. It will make me feel better about myself.” Or any other similar phrase which works for you. In speaking out your motivation, you start believing it and will act on it.

  1. Share Your Small Victories

Tell your family and friends about each milestone you have achieved. “Today I ran 1.5 miles instead of just 1 mile on the treadmill. I did 35 push-ups instead of 25.” All these small victories are meaningful both for you and for the people who love you. They are your supporters and they will cheer you on, encourage you to go further and reach another (and yet another) milestone.

If possible, go to the gym with a couple of friends and celebrate each other’s victories. In this way, you will continually motivate each other to succeed.

  1. Add Variety to Your Workout

One of the key elements which bring down your morale is routine. You do the same exercises over and over again. Your mind stops being focused on what you are doing and you may even get injured. But at the same time you build various scenarios around “what I could do instead of this” – and most of the time it is all about things which ruin your fitness progress, such as watching TV or eating.

Variation in your fitness routine will keep you alert and focused on what you are doing. You will start looking forward to the next exercise or trying out the next fitness equipment and this is what really makes fitness training fun and exciting.

  1. Keep a Track Record

When you start your fitness training, start writing in a special diary where you note your weight and level of fitness. As you progress, continue writing down your new weight, your improved endurance and your general state of well being. Whenever you feel that motivation is leaving you, start reading your diary from page one. You will be able to tell yourself: “Look how much progress I’ve made, wouldn’t it be a pity to give up now?”

  1. Do Not Be Afraid to Reach Out for Support

If you really feel that you need the extra boost in motivation, then seek out other people who face the same problems. There are forums and social media groups where you can discuss with others and discover new ways of staying positive throughout your fitness programme. Your trainer will also support you and show you the progress you have made, if you are unable to recognise it yourself. And other people at your gym could become your friends and partners for success by encouraging each other, and exchanging diet and exercising tips.
It is not easy staying on track with your fitness programme, but victory is for the strong and the motivated. And in every one of us there is a strong person ready to stand up and go through difficulties in order to succeed.