The Ideal First Aid Kit for Summer Holidays

The Ideal First Aid Kit for Summer Holidays

It is the top season for holidays at the beach – most of them abroad, either in well-known European seaside resorts, or in exciting and exotic places. As you pack your family’s luggage, most probably you are paying attention to stay within the maximum allowed weight on a plane. However, no matter what else needs to be left behind, do not forget to pack a well-stocked first aid kit.

The Ideal First Aid Kit for Summer Holidays

Although hotels and tourist resorts have a first aid office with a doctor and a nurse at least, you should be prepared to deal with minor accidents and illnesses or give the first aid in case of serious injuries before you reach a doctor’s office. First aid kits are mandatory by law for everyone who owns a car – and even though the same is not applicable for travellers, it is a very good idea to consider it a staple in your luggage wherever you go.


The reasoning behind this is given by two simple and logical considerations: you have no guarantee that you will benefit from the same quality of healthcare in a tourist resort abroad than you would do back home; secondly, before the health travel insurance settles the bill, you may be liable to pay a lot of money for the simplest dressing of a wound, depending on the pricing policies in the country you visit.


Therefore, we have decided to put together a list of contents for the ideal first aid kit any family travelling abroad this summer should have:


  1. Medicines for pre-existing conditions

If anyone in your family suffers from a chronic illness which needs constant medication, make sure you pack enough medicine to last them throughout the holiday. Do not count on the possibility of supplementing the medicines from pharmacies abroad – not only may you not be able to find the exact brand, but the prices vary wildly and your local subsidy for the cost of the treatment is not applicable in another country.


  1. Special medicines for exotic travel destinations

If you plan to vacation in Africa, South-East Asia or the Pacific Islands, you need to take extra measures of precaution for your entire family. The extra medications you should pack in your first aid kit include:

  • Medication against diarrhoea: this unpleasant condition is quite typical once you change your diet completely, before your intestinal flora adapts to the new ingredients in the food;
  • Medication against malaria: this is a common and dangerous illness spread by mosquitoes in hot and humid climates;
  • Anti-mosquito net: for the same reason as the one stated above, but also for comfort, because you will likely encounter various unknown and aggressive species of mosquitoes;
  • Water purifying tablets: in many locations in Africa and Asia, tap water is unsafe to drink. These tablets are the economic option to purchasing bottled water (which tends to be quite expensive in these areas).


  1. Medical supplies for cleaning and dressing common wounds

Small accidents happen all the time during holidays, especially if you are travelling with children. A fall from a bike, slipping by accident, or stepping on broken glass are common occurrences. In order to clean and dress such a wound you will need tweezers (to remove shards), gauze, sterile dressings, scissors and plasters.


In addition, you should add antiseptic wipes and ointments, pain numbing sprays and creams.


  1. Over-the-counter pain medication

A headache or toothache can ruin an entire day in your holiday. This is why you should place a few blisters of analgesic medication in your first aid kit. Please remember, however, that painkillers based on codeine are forbidden in some Arab countries.


  1. Sunburn medication

Sunburn is the most common injury that occurs at the beach. Make sure that you have plenty of lotions to be applied before going to the beach, but also cooling and soothing ointments to treat sunburns.


These are the basics which you should pack in your first aid kit for your summer holiday.

Also, please remember to have proper health travel insurance for all your family members.

Otherwise, in case of serious injury or illness, you would be liable to pay a small fortune for medical treatment in a hospital abroad.


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