It’s that time of year again. The Christmas celebrations have finished, the turkey and pudding have been polished off, and we are all raring to go in the gym as part of our new year’s resolutions. January can be a great month to kick start your fitness regime, however, why is it that the gyms are full to the brim in January, and tend to empty come mid-February? Is it a lack of motivation? A lack of direction? Injury? Boredom? Or is it a combination of all of the above?

Here are my tips to stay consistent, injury-free and get the most out of your fitness regime.

  1.       Seek expert advice and set goals

This is particularly important for those who are completely new to the gym. It can be quite intimidating walking into a gym or the first time, seeing big machines and heavy weights. Who wouldn’t be put off? A good trainer can help to familiarise you with the environment and help you along the way to achieving your goals.

  1.       Follow a programme

The best way to achieve the results you crave is to follow a specific fitness programme. If you are training with a PT/fitness professional, they will help you with this. If you are training alone, my advice would be to at least touch base with someone in the know once every couple of weeks to make sure you are on the right track!

  1.       Get the basics right first

As far as I am concerned, this is THE most important point. A large portion of the injuries we treat here in SPI come about as a result of individuals ‘overdoing it’ in the gym. What I mean by this is loading up certain exercises with heavy weights, when you have not first worked on getting your technique right. This can lead to a number of issues further down the line, and nothing kills motivation more than getting injured. The following 4 bodyweight exercises/basic movements will give you a solid base to work from:




         Hip Hinge

I guess the main thing then is to enjoy it. The best results come when you don’t dread your daily trip to the gym. Best of luck and let us know how you get on.

Riain Casey

BSc. M.I.S.C.P.

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