Hip injuries are commonly seen in runners regularly by physiotherapy clinics throughout Dublin, especially after the recent Dublin marathon. These injuries are quite often caused by poor running techniques. Hip injuries are amongst the most common, usually from a result of too much pressure exerted on the hip on landing during running. This can cause injury to the joint, which leads to inactivity and pain  surrounding hip and pelvic muscles.

The way we run is quite ofter determined by imbalances or tightnesses in our hips and legs. Your body will find the most efficient way to run that suits your specific hip tightness. I often use a river flowing through a rocky valley as am example. The water can’t get through hard rocks so it finds an easier way. This is the same for running, the body will other methods and compensate, if your hips are tight or your hamstrings won’t allow you lift your legs which can lead to poor or imbalanced running techniques.

When dealing with hip injuries in runners at Sports Physio Ireland, we look into the person’s specific restrictions, tightnesses and imbalances when moving in the gym, running and on the physiotherapy bed. It is important to identify the runners specific characteristics so that we can then put in place exercises and a running technique development programme that are specific to our injured client.

Posterior hip development is one of our best ways to cure hip pain in runners. Exercises such as one leg deadlift, lunges and barbell deadlifts all help develop muscular and neural feedback in this area. This helps our injured runners in four ways;

1) Builds muscle

2) Improves sensory feedback

3) Improves hip stability

4) Realigns the hip

The above four benefits of posterior chain exercises are key to any runner who needs physiotherapy on a hip injury, some may need more than others. We also use these exercises on our uninjured runners to help prevent injuries in the future

Joey Boland
BSc Physiotherapy MSc Sports Medicine


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