Functional Movement Assessments at Sports Physio Ireland

At Sports Physio Ireland, one of our main priorities is a client’s initial functional movement assessment. Without a thorough physical assessment, an appropriate rehabilitation programme cannot be planned.

We spend less time focusing on individual parts and aim to analyse full body movements (referred to as patterns) in order to gain as much ‘movement information’ about the client as possible.

From looking at knee & hip dominant, push, pull and core patterns we can ascertain the source of an individual’s problems, as opposed to having them lying on a bed, analysing individual body parts.

Often, an ankle or a hip issue might be contributing to a shoulder problem or vice versa. We need to look at how the body moves as a whole. We run, sit, reach, pick up, jump, push and pull in our everyday lives so our belief is that is what the assessment of an individual should be based around.

I often hear clinicians saying that their ‘client population can’t be assessed in this way’. I don’t agree. Can your client get up and out a chair (squat)? Can they push themselves off the ground if they fall then up into a half kneeling position and then stand from there (Plank – push up – lunge)? Can they pick something off the floor efficiently or ensure they don’t trip over a curb (Single leg balance / Single leg deadlift)?

Naturally, knowing your regressions and progressions for each functional movement pattern is a must, but regardless of age or ability, individuals should be working towards achieving adequate functional movement capacity for everyday life. Once you know your athlete (given age and ability) and understand the movement screening procedure you can plan appropriately.

Our movement assessment is standard operating procedure at Sports Physio Ireland. This ensures our clients get the best possible treatment.

Some Examples of Movements Analysed;

Overhead Squat, Squat.

Lunge / Side Lunge

Single leg balance / Single Leg Deadlift

Plank / Shoulder blade push up / Push Up

Side Plank

Walk / Run / Hop / Jump / Land

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