Neck Pain: Four Ways to Reduce The Pain

Neck pain is fast becoming more and more prevalent in modern day life. The main triggers in the rise of neck pain seen include; poor posture, reduced activity levels, and prolonged periods of sitting.

While each persons case is completely unique and is treated as such. There is often similar issues and areas of dysfunctions found from patient to patient with neck pain.

Whether your MRI scan reads ‘disc bulge’ or ‘degeneration’ etc., very often the route cause of the issue is a lot more straightforward and can be alleviated with a combination of exercise, changes in activity, and rest.

I’m certainly not a person who thinks that it’s feasible to spend all day, everyday sustaining 100% perfect posture. No chance. It’s simply not realistic. However, I do believe that by introducing simple postural cues a few of times a day, coupled with some simple exercises can make a big difference and help you on the road to full recovery!

Here are 4 of the exercises that I find to be very beneficial with some of my clients suffering from neck pain. Give them a go.

neck pain, physio dublin 2

1.) The Chin Tuck
neck pain

2.) The Band Row

scap push up, neck pain, dublin 2

3.) The Scapular Push Up

neck pain, dublin 2 physio

4.) The One Arm Lat Pull Down

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