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The Best Warm-Up Routine before Cycling

The Best Warm-Up Routine before Cycling Cycling is both a sport and a healthy and environmentally friendly means of transportation. Some people combine the two and take long rides into the countryside, admiring the scenic landscape and exercising in an exciting manner, in the middle of nature. Other people take up cycling for speed, endurance…

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Peter Mathews Pre Run Warm Up

Peter Mathews Pre Run Warm Up With the Dublin marathon approaching it’s important that you implement a decent warm up before you run.. Our running expert and massage therapist Peter Mathews demonstrates a pre run Warm Up. Peter runs everyday and remains injury free because he is dedicated to his strength training, which compliments his running. Have a look at…

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A Dynamic Warm Up for Runners

I encourage all my running clients to have a personalised and specific 5 minute dynamic warm up. This method of warming will dramatically decrease your chances of injury during your run, in comparison to your typical 5 to 10 minute light jog and stretch as a warm up. Most of our clients are time poor…

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