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How To Fix Your Push Up

How To Fix Your Push Up The push up is one of the most basic exercises that you can do, but time and time again it is technically performed poorly. We see issues from poor technique contribute to low back pain, knee issues, along with a number of other issues. So technique is vital to…

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Meniscal Tear Rehabilitation

Phase One Meniscal Tear Rehabilitation   When the knee suffers a meniscal and osteochondral fracture injury, it’s ability to absorb forces produced from stepping, running and cutting is diminshed. It’s essential to slowly and progressively load bear the joint in movements that simulate and compliment the movement patterns of the sport. See the video of…

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Paralympic Football World Cup 2015

Paralympic Football World Cup 2015 Back in June, SPI Physiotherapist Thomas Divilly travelled to England for two weeks to assist the Irish Paralympic Football Team at the Cerebral Palsy Football World Cup Here’s a short piece on his experience during the tournament with the team. ‘I had the privilege of working as the Physiotherapist to…

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