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21 Day PT Trial

21 Day PT Trial Want a 21 Day PT Trial? Right now Sports Physio Ireland is offering you the chance to come in and try out our services for 21 days for only €59! The 21 Day PT Trial will cover everything from strength and conditioning training to rehabilitation of an injury under the watchful…

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Meniscal Tear Rehabilitation

Phase One Meniscal Tear Rehabilitation   When the knee suffers a meniscal and osteochondral fracture injury, it’s ability to absorb forces produced from stepping, running and cutting is diminshed. It’s essential to slowly and progressively load bear the joint in movements that simulate and compliment the movement patterns of the sport. See the video of…

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Core Training at SPI

Core Training at SPI Here is some great Core Training ideas we use at SPI from our resident personal training guru. When you think of Core training you usually think sit-ups, crunches and those daft sit up machines. You need to start thinking about is stabilising the core with the moves Peter is showing you here.…

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