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Ankle Sprain Injury

Ankle Sprain Injury At Sports Physio Ireland we see a lot of people with ankle injuries. The most common clients with these injuries are just after a classic ankle sprain injury. They go over on the outside of their ankle, hear a ‘pop’ and feel pain when they try to walk. The ankle then becomes…

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Neck Pain: Four Ways to Reduce The Pain

Neck Pain: Four Ways to Reduce The Pain Neck pain is fast becoming more and more prevalent in modern day life. The main triggers in the rise of neck pain seen include; poor posture, reduced activity levels, and prolonged periods of sitting. While each persons case is completely unique and is treated as such. There is often…

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Physiotherapy for Ankle Injuries

Physiotherapy for Ankle Injuries   Ankle injuries are one of the leading causes of absence from sport. Many top GAA, soccer and even pro golfer Rory McIlroy have suffered from ankle injuires througout careers. The ATFL ligament, on the outside of your ankle is one of a number of main stabilisers for the joint. Ankle injuries can…

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