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High Hamstring Pain

High Hamstring Pain Runners and sometimes field based athletes can present with lower buttock pain in the clinic. This can reduce performance and be painful carrying out normal daily activities. After assessment, this is usually diagnosed as a proximal hamstring tendinopathy. A proximal hamstring tendinopathy is when the tendon that inserts into the bony point of…

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The Story Of The Nordic Curl

The Story of the Nordic Curl Hamstring tears are one of the most common injuries in team sports and track & field events such as sprinting, hurdles and triple jump. Team sports that combine high speed running and kicking are at the greatest risk with gaelic football, soccer and rugby showing the greatest incidence in…

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Hamstring Pulls are so common

Hamstring Pulls are so common Hamstring rehab step by step at SPI 1) Identification I find out the main cause of the injury and locate the specific point of injury 2) Strength and regeneration of injured site I focus in on the injured pattern and pick movements and exercises specific to the individual to both…

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