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Putting one foot in front of another is as natural as breathing.

You might do it more than others.

A lot more.

Sometimes you do it too much.

Running and jogging have consequences.

They might not be immediately obvious to you but at some point your body is going to react negatively to overuse.

Even if it hasn't happened to you yet - it WILL happen at some point.

Our bodies are like any machine - they have moving parts that wear and tear as the miles pile up.

As you get older the accumulative stress on the body adds up.

Sports Massage

It's Not An Age Problem - It's A Mileage Problem

SPI Physiotherapy


So you need to look after your body.

Give it service.

You need to prepare it for the big challenges in your near future and your long term future too.

Maybe you need a few minor repairs or a complete overhaul?

You just want put in the miles, the laps, the reps - one foot after another.

However at some point you'll need an oil change or a change of tires.

Sports and activity leave the body needing attention - an NCT for humans.

We Want To Help You Get Back Running - At Your Physical Peak

Not only can we get you prepped and ready for your next physical challenge or milestone but we also provide expert running classes for the dedicated runner.

Learning how to use your body can be just as important as looking after it before it breaks down.

So between teaching you to maximize your own physical attributes to achieve your goals and targets and being there to prepare you for the big challenges those goals entail we can help you get back to it.

Get back running.

Get back moving.

Efficiently. Correctly.


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