When Your Body Asks You Tough Questions...


You’re hurting.

Maybe it's a twinge, a niggle or a full on injury but you don't have the time to rest, to recover, to recuperate.

You really want to get back on track. You want to get back running. You want to get back to work.

However, your body isn't listening.

It hurts. It wants rest. It wants to be repaired.

The problem is you can't ignore what your body is telling you. It knows what it needs.

But where do you go. Who do you trust with your most valuable asset?

When you want to achieve a goal in life it's best to have a plan - a roadmap.

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That's What SPI Physiotherapy Does Best

Catherine Simpson Physio

We give you a roadmap.

Physiotherapy is a lot more than 30 minutes of pushing and prodding.

We believe what your body needs is just like taking your car on a long journey.

When your destination is a healthy functioning body there needs to be more than a few stretches in your future.

You have to start with an appropriate vehicle for the job and then plan an efficient route to get to where you want to go.

We understand both the vehicle and the roadmap.

That's why we can help you answer those tough questions your body asks.

First we plan. Then we prepare. Then we execute.

The Result - A Healthy & Active Body

Where you might have fallen down with injury recovery and repair in the past is the roadmap.

In the past, what happened when you jumped off the treatment bed at the physio clinic?

What did your roadmap look like?

Did you even get one?

At SPI Physiotherapy we are different.

Your roadmap is as important to us as your treatment.

We go the extra mile. Not just with your treatment and roadmap but with ours too.

With expertise in not only sport and work/lifestyle related injury rehabilitation we offer you so much more.


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Get back on track fast...

Knowing What Your Body Is Telling You Is Only Half The Journey

Providing comprehensive after treatment action plans and advice will aid you in keeping on track and injury free in the future.

With years of strength and conditioning and coaching experience at the highest level of competitive sport we know how to translate that knowledge into extensive action plans for you like no other physiotherapy clinic around.

Your current and future health is quite literally in safe hands with us.


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