Assessment and Management of the Sporting Hamstring

Powered by Eventbrite We are delighted to welcome back Fearghal Kerin for his second seminar on the Assessment and Management of the Sporting Hamstring. Fearghal works as a Rehabilitation Physiotherapist in Leinster Rugby and the Head Physiotherapist with Dundalk FC. He brings a wealth of experience from the Elite level of sport on the management…

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Running and Lower Back Pains

Running and Lower Back Pains: When You Should Seek Help Lower back pain is more common among runners than any other athletes. It is a result of an inadequate gait or worn-out running shoes, and it can be ignored for a long time. Runners do not recognise the first signs of back stiffness as a…

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The Likely Causes of Calf Pain

The Likely Causes of Calf Pain Calf pain is a common compliant and if not managed correctly, they can persist for months and cause a lot of frustration. The calf muscles refer to two major muscles; the gastrocnemius and soleus and the small plantaris muscle. These muscles have a joint tendon called the Achilles tendon,…

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