When You Suffer An ACL Injury - We Can Help

The Dreaded ACL Injury (anterior cruciate ligament).

If you are an athlete or even a weekend warrior it can take up to one year to come back from. . More if you don't have the right support..

But the good news is we can help.. 

Let our team of Physiotherapists advise, plan and plot your recovery. 

We promise the latest methods of rehab and we also will get you even stronger than you were before. 

You don't have to do this alone! 


That's What SPI ACL Physiotherapy Does Best


We give you a roadmap and a plan to get you back after your ACL injury. 

ACL Physiotherapy is a lot more than 30 minutes of pushing and prodding.

We believe what your body needs is just like taking your car on a long journey.

When your destination is a healthy functioning knee there needs to be more than a few stretches in your future.

You have to start with an appropriate vehicle for the job and then plan an efficient route to get to where you want to go.

We understand both the vehicle and the roadmap.

That's why we can help you answer those tough questions your knee asks.

First we plan. Then we prepare. Then we execute.

Why not call us today ? We can at least give you the best advise and course of action to treat this common injury. 

The Result- The Fastest Possible Route Back From ACL Injury

ACL Rehab


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